This page was created to make sure that we're on the same page.

What about the calls?

We believe that video calls are an inefficient and outdated way of interacting. Especially in the web development sector. Please don't ask for our Calendly link.

Elena Laenko
"After a long time of endless daily calls, which in fact did not make much sense, I decided to give them up completely! Since then, my personal productivity and the overall speed of work on projects has increased significantly."
Elena Laenko
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Benefits of async communication vs calls

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    Erase concerns of time zones and different languages

    The Wrapp team members live in different countries and work at different times of the day, our clients are on different continents. It's very difficult to catch the intersection of the working (and at the same time free) time of several meeting participants.
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    Communication is saved by default

    There is no need to make additional notes, nothing will be missed.
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    Higher quality of records, notes, and information-sharing

    Everything said is always at hand on both sides, in easy and quick access. No one should have to review a half-hour conversation to find the answer to one question.
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    Time to think

    Most often we discuss technical issues that require thinking, doing some research or consulting with a colleague.
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    Faster start of work

    Instead of wasting time looking for a suitable day to schedule a call (it will never be today) and waiting for that day, we can discuss everything in the near future and immediately start working on your project.
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    Save more time

    During a call, it can sometimes be easy to get sidetracked and end up spending a lot of time talking about irrelevant topics or repeating information that has already been discussed.
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    Increased productivity

    Asynchronous communication allows participants to focus on their work without being interrupted by constant calls or messages. This can help increase productivity and reduce distractions.
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    Happy introverts

    If you are an extrovert, you may not know how much energy and nerves the other half of humanity spends on face-to-face communication with unfamiliar people. Let's save those hearts!
If you agree with these ideas, feel free to contact us via email.
We also will be happy to create a Slack channel for our collaboration!