Our fair price for Webflow development

One of our distinctive features is absolutely transparent pricing. You only pay for the time we work for you. Just make sure that the balance of hours is positive and the work will be done.
On your personal information page, you will always see what time has been spent on.

base price
Pricing is in USD, but we support different currencies.
for every 10 hours
up to -15%
for all brand new
or wrapped sites
All discounts are cumulative!

More hours - more profitable!

Calculate the cost of an hour of our work depending on the type of project and the number of hours purchased at the same time.

What kind of project do you have?

New or Wrapp-created website.
Save 5%
Already-existing Webflow project.

How many hours do you need?

How do I know?
< 10
10 - 19
30 - 39
40 - 49

How do I know how many hours I need?

The most reliable way is to show us your design. We will study it and provide as accurate estimate as possible.

Also, you can estimate the rough budget yourself.

Count sections

Count the number of unique sections (or screens) on the site

Add 1-2 hours for each section, depending on its complexity.
Simple website section
Simple section

45 min

Complex website section
Complex section

1 - 2 hours


+ 2-3 hours

on the general site setup and navigation.

+ 2 hours

if you need CMS integration

+ 30 min per page

If your design is created in Photoshop. It takes longer to work with such files.

What you will get

No limits!

We will work on any of your tasks as long as you have hours on your balance.
  • Unlimited projects at a time
  • Unlimited development & support requests
  • Unlimited reviews


We have organized the workflow in the most transparent and convenient way. You will always know what is going on with your project.
  • Personal client portal
  • Time tracking
  • Slack, email and Loom for communication, no Zoom calls
  • Trello board for complex projects
  • Google Drive for assets & docs sharing
  • Multiple payment methods

High quality

We are a team of developers, so our priority is the perfect technical side of your site.
  • Clean code
  • Best SEO practices
  • Compressed images, ready for retina screens
  • High scores on Lighthouse
  • QA testing step


Your live website will look exactly as you expect. Or even a little better! Some of us have a design background, so it's not a problem to make up for what might be missing in mockups.
  • Smart pixel perfect *
  • 100% responsive website, even if you don’t have mobile designs
  • Micro-animations: all links always react on your actions
  • Styled 404 page
  • Standard and advanced interactions
* We are attentive to the details and pixels of beautiful designs. Therefore, we will notice if two similar elements have sizes 49 and 51 px, and round them up to 50 px.
Or sometimes elements work better by resizing them depending on the screen size. Then at some point their pixels won't match the design.

Easy to maintain

Often a site visitor cannot know how professional its developer is. But you will definitely notice the difference when working with the project from inside.
  • Well structured, ready for scaling project
  • "Client-first" class naming system
  • Style Guide page
  • Symbols for quick editing of repeating blocks
  • CMS for creating pages with a single template (like blog or case studies)
  • Content editor that you'll love


Can you provide a fixed cost instead of hourly charge?
Can I pay in a currency other than USD?
Do Wrapp requires an advance payment to get started?

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