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Our terms of work

  • To start cooperation with Wrapp and work on a new project, you need to Sign up on the website and create a project.
  • Project types
  • All projects are divided into 2 types: “Wrapped” (new or created by Wrapp) and “Non-wrapped”.
  • A 'Wrapped" project changes its status to “Non-wrapped” if significant changes have been made to it by non-Wrapp developers. This applies to styles, classes, structure changes, but not content or new CMS based pages. We do not recommend making design changes yourself.
  • Balance
  • Wrapp developers don't work on your projects if you don't have hours on the relevant balance.
  • Each project uses a balance of its type. If you have hours on the “Wrapped” balance, but don’t have on “Non-wrapped”, we will not work on “Non-wrapped” projects.
  • Urgent tasks
  • We add 20% to the time spent on "rush" projects or tasks (completion within 24 hours). It requires prior agreement between the parties.